Trade Secrets

We have extensive experience preparing and advising clients on the use of various agreements that can be used to protect trade secrets, including confidentiality, nondisclosure and noncompete agreements, as well as technology license agreements. In addition, we help clients develop document control measures and practices that restrict access to confidential information. We also routinely assist clients in resolving trade secret disputes via negotiation, mediation and/or litigation.
Due Diligence Investigations

When an entity is acquired or divested, intellectual property aspects of the deal must be addressed. We have significant experience performing due diligence investigations, including structuring the scope of such investigations.
Establishing and Administering Corporate Intellectual Property Programs

Intellectual property assets, such as patents and trademarks, are important business tools. Accordingly, it is important to identify potentially patentable ideas and other forms of intellectual property assets as early as possible. We work closely with clients to identify intellectual property assets and to establish patent filing strategies, policies and procedures that satisfy their unique needs. We also assist clients in developing policies and procedures to ensure that all potentially valuable inventions are fully and properly documented, evaluated and pursued.


Representative Clients

Our clients vary widely-from small start up and pre-IPO companies to multi-nationals and Fortune 500 companies that are located worldwide. The firm's clients include: universities, national laboratories, public and private medical institutions, private companies and international corporations, U.S. and foreign law firms, as well as individual scientists, physicians and inventors.

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